Zoku, Amsterdam


Meet. Sleep. Work. Dream. Love. Live. Zoku.
Zoku is an extended-stay hotel with private smart lofts and shared social spaces. Zoku primarily focuses on international mobile professionals who have to live and work in Amsterdam for a period between 5 days and 3 months Zoku offers a global nomad’s home through a smart loft (private areas) and communal spaces (public areas) areas to work, sleep, live and relax. It offers public areas with food and beverage facilities on the top floor for hotel guests and guests from outside. EME is asked to develop a F&B concept for the public areas of Zoku consisting of a combination of F&B, retail and services. The public areas offer a warm welcome, a bar, a living room, a living kitchen, working spaces and tailor made retail which is well stocked to cater all practical needs of Zoku’s international mix of residents. The living kitchen is simple and well equipped: healthy, delicious food served fast and shared at long communal tables, bringing new tastes and stories. Open all day/night, the bar is the place to go for a coffee, a beer or a break. The living room is a comfortable, homely space, designed for leisure, but also suitable for small events and presentations.

Recently Zoku won the award for ‘Best Hotel Concept 2016’ ENTREE and The European Hotel Design Awards 2016 for interior design Lobby, Lounge & Public Areas and Bedrooms & Bathrooms.