The Giving Food truck, Lesvos


The Giving Foodtruck is a project from the non-profit organisation Movement on the Ground, which is a foundation that is responding to humanitarian crises. Currently, there are more than 1100 of refugees, of which 400 of them are children, living inside the Kara Tepe camp on the island of Lesvos in Greece. To provide these people with warm meals during the cold winter months, an industrial mobile kitchen is parked on the island, making sure no one is hungry.

EME Hospitality Projects supports The Giving Food Truck and has visited the island of Lesvos to help cooking and handing out meals, all on voluntary base. Furthermore, EME has, together with her partners, completely equipped the food truck with all necessary items such as equipment and cooking utensils. Unfortunately, our support is not enough and therefore we ask you to sponsor locally sourced ingredients, herbs and cooking materials via this website. By working together and coming into action we can make sure that thousands of healthy, hot meals are provided to those who need it the most during the cold period.