Collab, Amsterdam


Collab will be the place for all those who are looking for a young and refreshing environment to work in, that is both relaxing and inspiring. With Collab, The Student Hotel (operator) aims to create a bridge between student life and entrepreneurs or small businesses.
The place will be playful, public and private by combining ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ spaces. Events will be organized where both students and guests can catch up to get in contact with the coworkers

In the various areas a suitable F&B offer will be provided on a day to day bases and during events. EME has been asked to assist in his role of F&B consultant on the development of the Collab F&B concept. With advising on the current F&B needs / plans, assisting in detailing the lay-out & designs and sourcing the right products we will create a fun and distinctive F&B concept.