Chefs Poulet & Frites, Amsterdam


Chefs & Co. is a family business in Amsterdam that sells fresh, classic and worldwide ready made dishes, prepared with passion. The deli has become very successfull in a short time because large and prestigious international and local companies make daily use of the catering facilities. Additionally Chefs & Co. is a popular venue for intimate private lunch / dinner. EME Hospitality Projects has been asked to recommend about expansion to a ‘Deli & Fries’ concept, a concept with homemade fries. On site, organic potatoes will be prepared to fresh fries and served with homemade sauce. The fries are perfect to combine with one of dishes from the rotisserie. For example fries roasted chicken, chicken stew or chicken meatball. The new concept called ‘Chefs Poulet & Frites’ opened in August 2016.