Bijlmer Bajes, Amsterdam


Due to the refugee crisis there are currently around 1000 refugees living in the former Bijlmer Bajes in Amsterdam. 80% of them with papers are waiting for a house in Amsterdam. For these people the Bijlmer Bajes has been transformed into a creative, inspiring and motivating hub where the refugees are able to develop their skills, network and gain access to various job opportunities. Lola Lik, name of this creative incubator, is a 9000m2 public space used by refugees, Amsterdammers, entrepreneurs, job -seekers, and employers. A café /restaurant and event space has been developed into the former prison’s laundry room. Here the local community can organise events and refugees are able to prepare specialties from their home country.

EME Hospitality Projects supports this beautiful project by being involved in the complete process from concept to opening, all on a voluntary base. Furthermore, we have brought in a powerful network of suppliers/partners to ensure that this project can be of high operational quality.