About EME

Making concepts work

Times change and we change with it along with our habits and interests. Concept development is based on trends and developments and hospitality has become increasingly important. We specialize in connecting these elements in a custom made concept.

EME Hospitality Projects, established in 2005, creates, develops and implements innovative hospitality concepts that are operationally feasible. With a note book and a camera always at hand, we are constantly looking for new ideas, innovations and developments within the hospitality industry.

EME focuses on caterers, hotel chains, project developers and investors in Europe, Asia, America, Australia, Russia and Poland. In the Netherlands EME also works for insurance companies, municipalities, businesses with catering facilities and the healthcare industry.

We know that the expectations in hospitality projects are often greater than the available budgets. That is why we link our knowledge to an extensive network in which all the necessary disciplines are represented, while we carefully ensure that the desired result is achieved in accordance with plan and budget

The bases of our advice is that we remain involved until the implementation of a concept is completed. With our broad international experience in concept development and project management, we are convinced that we can meet all your challenges. Click here to see our projects

Kind Regards,

Michael Eman

Handtekening Michael

Director/Owner EME Hospitality Projects